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Carpet Cleaning Services by First Call Cleaning LLC

Your carpets handle a lot: from spills and stains to regular wear and tear from shoes, toys, furniture, pets and more. To maintain the cleanliness and health of your home or workplace, it’s important to add carpet cleaning to your regular routine. First Call Cleaning LLC provides professional carpet cleaning services for homes and businesses throughout East Central Florida.  We are an independently owned business located in Cocoa, and we serve the surrounding communities of Daytona Beach, Melbourne, Ocala, Cocoa Beach, Cape Canaveral, and throughout Brevard County and Volusia County. Call us today  at 407-421-3599 to get a free price quote. 

Why Carpet Cleaning is Important

There are many reasons why carpet cleaning is important for the health of your home. It’s one the most frequently used and contaminated surfaces in your home. It collects pet hair, dust, grime, bacteria, germs, debris from shoes, and more. While spot cleaning and vacuuming can take care of the surface-level mess, it’s important to deep clean your carpets at least once a month to maintain a healthy and clean home. First Call Cleaning has 30 years of experience cleaning carpets and is dedicated to helping you free your home of bacteria, germs, and other pollutants that can hide in your floors.

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Reasons to regularly deep clean your carpet:

  • Keep costs low: Carpet cleaning helps keep your floors well-maintained, meaning you won’t have to replace or repair them as often. Your home will be more beautiful with new-looking carpets that will last longer.
  • Keep smells out: This is especially important if you have pets or children in your home. Both can damage your carpets through bodily functions, which can also bring unpleasant odors inside your home.
  • Keep bacteria & germs from spreading: Carpets are an easy place for dust and grime to hide and turn into allergies and bacteria that can be harmful to your health. For some bacteria and germs in your carpet, vacuuming won’t cut it. You need a deep carpet cleaning to make your floors spotless. This is particularly helpful if you already suffer from allergies.

First Call Cleaning: About Us

At First Call Cleaning, we have more than 30 years of professional cleaning experience, including carpet cleaning, across Central Florida. We know it’s important to trust who you let into your home, which is why we rigorously screen and train our more than 40 professional cleaners. We also know our reputation and success is dependent on the quality of our work, so if for any reason you’re not happy with the job we’ve done, we have a 24-hour guarantee. First Call Cleaning is OSHA-certified, fully insured and bonded. Improve the health of your home with carpet cleaning by scheduling a free consultation and cost estimate with the owner of First Call Cleaning today.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

A clean, healthy environment for your staff and your customers begins with clean floors. One of the most important ways to maintain your facility and protect your employees from bacteria and germs is regularly deep cleaning your carpets. First Call Cleaning’s janitorial staff will come to your business anywhere in the Space Coast region. We clean carpets in a variety of different spaces, including: We have been trusted to keep Central Florida businesses clean, safe, and healthy for more than a decade. First Call Cleaning wants to be part of keeping our communities safe and disinfected, including carpets and floors in commercial spaces, so we make it a priority to include services for a variety of different businesses. If you feel your space is unique or you have questions about how we clean around specialized equipment, call First Call Cleaning today and we’ll do a free walkthrough with a custom price quote for free.

Trusted Home Carpet Cleaning

First Call Cleaning offers scheduled carpet cleaning services, or we can set-up one-time deep cleans for events like move-in and move-out, large spills, or other circumstances. While you should be regularly vacuuming and dusting, a deep carpet cleaning once a month will make a world of difference. Our owners have been cleaning carpets for more than 30 years. We invest in our team, running background checks and providing top-tier training. The cleaners at First Call Cleaning will come to your home to ensure your carpets last longer, look great, and keep your home safe and healthy.

First Call Cleaning FAQs

How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Services Cost?

At First Call Cleaning, we’ll customize the cost to the size of your space and what kind of carpet you have. To get a free estimate, call First Call Cleaners today at 407-421-3599.

Do You Provide The Cleaning Supplies?

Yes. We’ll bring everything we need to clean the carpets in your home or office. Our cleaning staff will come to you with their own supplies, equipment, and disinfectants.

Do You Offer Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products?

Yes. We have eco-friendly cleaning options for First Call Cleaning clients. To learn more, call 407-421-3599 to speak directly with our owners.

Can Your Carpet Cleaning Company Provide References?

Yes. We’re more than happy to give insight and testimonials from our past and current carpet cleaning clients. Ask us for references when you call to request an estimate.

How are you Addressing COVID-19?

The health and safety of our clients and our team members is our number one priority. For everyone’s protection, First Call Cleaning adheres to all CDC guidelines. Our professional janitorial staff is properly equipped with masks, gloves, and appropriate PPE. In addition, we take steps to prevent any cross-contamination by using a color-coded equipment system from one cleaning area to another. We offer the contactless payment for our clients should they choose. Contact First Call Cleaning to learn more about what to do if someone in your facility has tested positive for COVID-19.