Woburn, MA Cleaning Service

Professional Cleaning Service in the Boston Suburbs

For decades, First Call Cleaning has provided professional cleaning services for both residential and commercial clients throughout the Boston suburbs.  We understand how busy you may be, which is why we will work with you to provide a cleaning schedule that meets your needs – be it daily, weekly, or on a unique schedule.  Call us today to get a free consultation and price quote.

Massachusetts weather can be erratic — from frigid, snow-filled winters to hot and humid summer days, our professional cleaners are aware of the specific cleanings needs for your home or business. Our years of experience in residential and commercial cleaning services make First Call Cleaning an industry-leading cleaning business near you.

About First Call Cleaning

As a woman-owned business, our goal is to create long-term relationships with satisfied customers.  With more than 30 years of professional cleaning experience, we are well-equipped to meet all of your cleaning needs. We are fully insured and bonded and carry an OSHA certification.  Our employees are carefully vetted and trained to provide you with guaranteed top-notch service.  

Our areas of expertise include, but are not limited to:

Residential Cleaning

 We know that many of our clients lead busy lives and simply don’t have the time to clean and organize their houses on a regular basis. Our professional cleaning services include general household cleaning and/or maid services. Our professionals personally assess your household and listen to your requests, and we will find a cleaning plan that works for you–whether that be weekly, monthly, or only when needed. 

Our household cleaning services in Woburn include general household chores, such as vacuuming, sweeping, dusting, mopping, dishwashing, laundry, and bedding upkeep. For a deeper clean, our professionals will disinfect and sanitize kitchens and bathrooms, scrub tough surfaces such as ovens, remove stubborn pet hair, and thoroughly clean other areas of your home that you feel need upkeep. Keeping your home fresh and sanitized and your family healthy is the ultimate goal of First Call Cleaning. 

Commercial Cleaning

Hallway with plant commercial cleaningAt First Call Cleaning, we know that the first impression of an office to a potential client is crucial. We also know that employees tend to be more productive, healthier, and overall happier with a clean and tidy office space. Our cleaning services in Woburn, MA, will come into your office space and regularly disinfect and sanitize your office to eliminate germs, bacteria, and viruses. We will sanitize desks and chairs, clean floors, disinfect bathrooms, and keep paper products stocked.

Routine office cleaning is imperative for a healthy and safe work environment. Office cleaning at First Call Cleaning first begins with a free assessment of your workspace. Call our office today to schedule.

Carpet Cleaning

carpet cleaning services florida home and businessFirst Call Cleaning delivers professional carpet cleaning that will remove odors, stains, dirt, and allergens from your carpet. We use specialized cleaning methods such as hot water extraction, where steaming water and soap are sprayed onto the carpet and are then extracted for the deepest clean. We also offer dry carpet cleaning that results in very low moisture cleaning, where our cleaning solution is spread across the carpet and then vacuumed. Depending on your preferences, your heavily soiled carpet or lightly worn carpets will return to looking spotless and fresh.

Floor Care

To keep a well-maintained, beautiful floor that lasts, routine floor cleaning maintenance is necessary. Through our top-notch floor care services, we will solve the problem of dirty, scuffed, and dull floors. We know that different types of floors need different methods of cleaning, and our professionals are trained to clean and maintain your hardwood, concrete, linoleum, marble, ceramic tile, or terrazzo floors. To protect your floors, our services involve damp mopping, dust mopping, auto-scrubbing, buffing, and shine and restoration services for a newly finished look.

Investing time and maintenance into your floors is proven to make them last longer, and lower costs over time. Overall, wear and tear will be minimized if you take good care of your flooring.

Power Washing

Tough cleaning areas, such as areas with grime, droppings, salt, grease, and mildew require power washing for the most effective clean. Power washing can be used on buildings, homes, cars, or surfaces. This technique involves spraying heated water out of a high-pressure nozzle that will reveal the original finish of your property. As opposed to scrubbing surfaces by hand, high-pressure power washing is both more cost-effective and resourceful for an especially tough area.

Sanitizing And Disinfecting

cleaning suppliesOur trained professionals offer disinfecting and sanitizing services to kill germs on surfaces and objects. Our range of solutions protects against the SARS-CoV-2 that is causing COVID-19, and are all EPA-Approved. Our safe and effective solutions also eliminate viruses including norovirus, H1N1 (swine flu), avian flu, MRSA, E.coli, salmonella, and more. These services are necessary at schools, daycare centers, offices, medical centers, gyms, and so on to maintain a healthy environment. Protect your home or business routinely or post-outbreak by inquiring about our cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting options. A sterilized home or business is a happier, healthier space.

Who Needs A Professional Cleaning Service In the Boston Area?

Airbnbs, Medical and Dental Offices, Homeowners, Schools, Fitness Facilities, Restaurants, and other frequently visited areas need professional cleaning services throughout the Boston area.

For instance, First Call Cleaning has a distinct process to clean and disinfect your AirBnB home after a rental stay. With Airbnb’s Cleaning Handbook, our professional cleaners are prepared to clean up after a previous stay and prepare for the next guests by following their exact protocol. Based on these clear steps, we will prepare properly, clean thoroughly, use chemical disinfectants, check each room to ensure the rooms are finished, and then reset the home for the next guests. First Call Cleaning is well versed in cleaning and sanitizing rental properties, and following the Airbnb guidelines only adds to our commitment to a healthy, safe space.

While this may go without saying, medical and dental offices need to maintain a spotless, sterilized reputation. With individuals constantly entering and leaving these offices, and some who are at high risk of transmitting viruses, having a daily cleaning and disinfecting professional service is needed. First Call Cleaning offers hospital-grade commercial cleaning services on a daily basis for various types of offices in need of professional cleaners in Woburn, MA.

In addition to the listed areas that professional cleaning is needed, we are happy to fulfill any customized cleaning project that you might have in mind.  Our cleaning company in Woburn, MA is here to take your call when you are ready. Call us for a free estimate at 407-421-3599.